The Smash hit Gong Show Off-Bwy production comes to the Milford Performance Center for one night,  Saturday, January 27th, 2018 with the acclaimed original NY Cast!  Fresh off a 3-year SMASH run in NYC, The Gong Show Off-Broadway comes to Milford as part of its pre-broadway tour.

Eventbrite - The Off Broadway production  Of The Gong Show

Part musical, part comedy, part parody, part homage, this is the theatrical adaptation of the “greatest TV show in human history”.  Featuring a permanent cast of mind-blowing talent, curated from around the globe. These are the masters. While these talented eccentrics battle it out for the coveted prize of $516.32, they are dedicated to the point of obsesThe off Broadway production Of The Gong Showsion to astonishing and delighting every member of the studio audience. You are that studio audience…so find your seat, then fall off it laughing.

It’s audience approved. It’s acclaim drenched. It’s world-class hilarious. It’s brilliantly directed. It’s impeccably produced. It’s the Sony Pictures Television authorized stage production.


The Gong Show Off Broadway has made a definite impression on the media experts…

“Unpredictable, deranged and magnificent” NBC-TV

“Jaw-droppingly hilarious” WOR Radio NY

“Ecstatic Fun” The Wall Street Journal

“I was still laughing the next day” Q104 Radio NYC

“A MUST SEE show in NYC –


THe Gong Show Cast

The Gong Show Starring Ray Ellin (HBO), Chuck Nice (Today Show, Comedy Central), Brian Scott McFadden (Comedy Central) and Leslie Gold (Fox) With Yodeling Milkmaids, Singing Spoons, Dancing Goats, Unimaginable Contortionists, Interpretive Dancing Superheros, Robot Strippers, Hollywood Lushes, Heavy Metal Ballooniacs, Fire-Throwing Gypsy Women, Master Illusionists, Waacking Dance Champions, Speedo Wearing Manbabies, Russian Sword Balancers, The Unknown Convict, Teen Gene the Dancing Machine, Three Nuns, One Jew and a Medium.  Featuring The Gong Show Orchestra- Benny Harrison, Artie Dillon, Jimmy Caputo, Felipe Torres

Eventbrite - The Off Broadway production  Of The Gong Show

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